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Kenworth T409SAR

The T409SAR is specifically designed to provide maximum payload under Australian regulations for 19m B-Double and most 19m Quad Dog applications. It also fits the 26m envelope B-Double with 36” sleeper. Reflecting its function as a tough workhorse, the T409SAR features power up to 580 peak horsepower* behind the classic Kenworth flat grille.

Kenworth T409SAR Adelaide


GCM: up to 130 tonne GCM*
  • Cummins ISX EGR – Optional up to 550HP / 1850 LBFT *
  • Cummins ISXe5 – Optional up to 580 HP / 1850LBFT *

* Please note: GCM and Engine ratings are specification and application dependant. For further details please contact our Sales Team.


The World's Best Rest Stop

Enjoy home away from home comfort with "walk through" sleepers that offer unsurpassed levels of accommodation comfort. The T409SAR can be optioned with any of Kenworth’s range of traditional sleeper boxes.

Configurations range from the IT flat roof 28” sleeper, an aerodyne 36” to the luxurious 50” Aero design, offering cupboards with hanging space, full head room, ample storage and optional second bunk.

Latest Cummins Engine

The latest Cummins engine technology is available for the T409SAR in a range of horsepower and torque ratings that allow you to specify and fine tune your truck specifically for its application.

Electronic engine management allows us to tailor an engine to your exact needs, for longer, trouble free and more cost effective operation, improving durability and assisting in reducing fuel consumption.

Chassis Frame Layout

Kenworth trucks can be built to a variety of wheelbases with components mounted onto the frame to suit your needs.

We optimise the strength and weight distribution of each frame by locating the various parts so that loads are evenly spread and fuel tank capacity can be maximised.

Performance Based Standards

Kenworth customers have the opportunity to further increase the productivity of their equipment with PBS (Performance Based Standards).

PBS offers the potential for heavy vehicle operators to achieve higher productivity and safety through innovative vehicle combinations.

Click here to download the T409SAR Brochure (2.4 MB)