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Kenworth DAF Adelaide > W Model Restoration

Kenworth DAF Adelaide is excited to be working on the restoration of long-time customer, Steve Radford’s 1981 Kenworth W Model.  This restoration should span over a 12-month period and we’re looking forward to sharing the progress with you all. 

July, 2017- The Kenworth W924 arrives at Kenworth DAF Adelaide.

Here she is, in her new home for the next year. The first step after complete documentation is to strip down the cab and body. As you can see from these photos, there is a bit of work to do!  

the interior of the kenworth w modelInside the cab and the engine.

the outside of the kenworth w model cabThe outside of the cab.

The Beginning. Restoring a 1981 Kenworth W924 Model.

Sold new by Michael Crawford to Gary Radford In November 1981 (chassis number 405575) this Australian built truck’s specification was for heavy duty haulage. With a Kenworth 6 rod spring rear suspension, 20 speed spicer gearbox, 400 Cummins engine and dana dual range differentials it was certainly built for the task at hand! Presented to Gary’s son Steve on his 21st birthday, it was immediately put to use carting livestock from Clifton Downs Station and the pastoral areas around Tibooburra/Broken Hill and beyond. The truck also proved invaluable in gas pipeline construction in the Moomba, Innamincka and wider Cooper Basin.

Kenworth W Model 1981Steve with his new 1981 W Model

In later years, the truck was sold by the Radford family and was MIA working in various locations around Australia. After an extensive search, it was recently discovered registered and working on an island off the coast of Darwin with the odometer last clocking 8,385,515 km before ceasing due to damage. Upon this discovery, Steve did a deal to swap the truck and brought her home to be restored to her original specification and glory. The scope of the project is simple. ‘Make her how she was’, a brief we are extremely excited about and confident with, after the 2015 ground up restoration of Steve’s 1966 Seattle built Kenworth, now housed in the National Road Transport Hall of Fame.

kenworth w model on trailer Loaded up and ready to come home

Although still in its original shape, the W Model no longer has the spicer gearbox, and the sleeper was replaced with an aero box after a run in with the blade of a D7 Caterpillar whilst loading. She has been driven into the workshop and after mapping, photographing and recording air and electrical systems, been stripped down ready for a new lease on life.

After being involved in numerous restoration projects within the dealership our experienced auto electrician and jack of all trades, Paul Doran will be project managing this process. He, like us is passionate about trucks, especially historic Kenworths and cannot wait to get stuck in and share his progress with you all.